Kenrick Cato, PhD, RN, CPHIMS, is a Nurse Researcher/Assistant Professor for New York-Presbyterian Hospital and Columbia University School of Nursing, respectively. Dr. Cato worked as a staff nurse at New York-Presbyterian Hospital providing care for surgical oncology patients and as a clinical analyst, working on projects to improve patient safety through the use of the hospital’s electronic systems. Dr. Cato’s program of research focuses on the use of data science to investigate ways of improving patient safety, quality of care, and individual health. Towards these goals, Dr. Cato’s previous work has included National Institute of Health funded research in health communication via mobile health platforms, shared decision making in primary care settings and data mining of electronic patient records. His current projects include automated data mining of electronic patient records to discover characters about a patient that are often missed by clinicians. He has published his findings in numerous peer-reviewed journals and at national and international conferences.

His program of research focuses on utilizing data science approaches to support clinical decision making.